Soft Gel Capsules

Soft Gel Capsules

Potent material handling: Up to OEB class 5

Choosing Soft gelatin capsules as optimal dosage form for your product comes with several benefits to drive successful market entry or product life cycle management.

  • Secure handling of highly potent APIs
  • Protection of APIs that are sensitive to light and oxidation
  • Increased bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs (BCS II and IV)
  • Design of enteric-coated products or specific immediate, slow or sustained release properties
  • Increased patient compliance through easy swallowing (especially compared to hard capsules)
  • Very high degree of reproducibility
  • Attractive dosage form for line extensions or second-generation products
  • Large selection of shapes and sizes
  • Efficient masking of odor and taste
  • Marketing advantages through elegant appearance

Our Center of Excellence for Softgel Capsule Development offers:

  • Development for Rx, OTC and generics
  • Processing of low (<1 µg) and high-dose (1000 mg) active pharmaceutical ingredients, ranging from high potent to regular small molecules or peptides
  • Experience with products for numerous indications (such as: metabolic disorders, oncology, women's health, hormone regulation, cough or cold and more).
  • Swiss base, high reliability, direct & close client interaction
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