Speak up

We act responsibly in our dealings with colleagues, business partners and stakeholders. This means that respect, transparency and honesty govern our everyday professional life. Our behavior and decisions are based on our Aenova Code of Conduct, internal guidelines and the legal framework.

We are aware that people make mistakes. But deliberate misconduct by actively looking the other way, breaking rules or a negligent 'we've always done it that way!' attitude doesn't stand a chance at Aenova! We can only change things if we speak up about them. Therefore, we encourage our employees as well as our external stakeholders to report suspected violations of our rules or laws - Speak Up!

Speak Up – Aenova's whistleblowing procedure

We call our whisteblowing procedure 'SpeakUp'. We make it available to our employees and stakeholders so that they can learn about and stop misconduct by Aenova employees or our suppliers.We encourage our employees, suppliers and business partners to report, in particular, evidence of misconduct by Aenova employees relating to corruption, fraud, labour and human rights issues, environmental damage or other violations of the Code of Conduct. Potential violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct, including serious risks and violations of labour and human rights as well as environmental violations by direct or indirect suppliers can also be reported via our SpeakUp portal. Via the portal, the responsible departments are informed, the tip is processed and necessary measures are taken to minimise or end the violations or risks.You have the option of contacting our compliance team via an internet-based communication platform of our external provider EQS (the so-called ‚Integrityline‘) in different languages. The system is confidential and protected:

Speak Up via our whistleblower portal Integrityline!

Employees can additionally contact their line managers, local HR or local Compliance Team.

Are you a patient and would like to report an adverse reaction related to one of our products, or do you have medical request about one of our products? Please follow the instructions on the Pharmacovigilance page. We ask for your understanding that the SpeakUp portal cannot accept, process and in particular forward patient issues.

What happens to the whistleblower?

We are aware that reporting is a very sensitive process and can also be associated with worries or fears. As Aenova, it is very important to us that indications of misconduct can be reported and appropriate problems corrected. Therefore, we also accept reports from anonymous -whistleblowers via our SpeakUp portal.

If you report as an Aenova employee and your sincere internal report is later found to be unfounded or inaccurate, we will not take disciplinary or other action against . We will protect you from retaliation. This 'SpeakUp' culture contributes to Aenova's positive work environment.

Accordingly, we also treat external reports with respect, fairness and confidentiality. We will do our best to prevent any negative consequences for you as a result of the report.

What happens to the report?

If a report is received, qualified and experienced employees check the report and systematically follow it up. As the whistleblower, you will receive a confirmation of receipt and the investigating unit will assess the case, obtain further information from the whistleblower, for example, and decide on the next steps (review). If the initial suspicion of a rule violation is confirmed, an investigation is initiated. Based on the results of the investigation, appropriate measures are taken and their implementation is monitored. Upon completion of the measures, we close the SpeakUp case. We will inform you (if technically possible) about the status of the case after three months.