Living Our Values

We know where we want to go together. And we know which values will guide us on our way. Our vision and values accompany us every day in our dealings with each other and with our customers and business partners. A common goal and common values are the glue that binds our global network together. Our vision is both our compass and our driving force. We have together defined and set out what motivates us, how we intend to shape our future, and what our objectives are. Our principles, which are made up of our vision, mission, and values, are designed to provide guidance and open up new horizons.

> dynamic and success-oriented

We regard ourselves as a dynamic, innovative organization with long-term growth and profitability. This lays the foundations for the company’s ongoing increase in value and for its successful future, which benefit our employees, customers and shareholders.

> customer-oriented and future-proof

We take a consistent market- and customer-focused approach. Our competence, efficiency and awareness of quality give us an advantage that we exploit for the benefit of our customers. Flexibility and the willingness to meet changing customer requirements are an essential part of our successful strategy. Our customers can rely on the Aenova Group to be a stable and future-proof partner.

> fair and reliable

We are respectful, fair and reliable in our dealings with our employees and business partners. Our aim is to work together in a partnership based on trust and mutual respect. We have efficient suppliers who meet our high standards in terms of quality, competence and competitiveness.

> responsible and strong

Acting sustainably and responsibly is a key component of our corporate strategy. We undertake to comply with current legislation and quality standards and to fulfil our responsibilities towards our employees, society and the environment.

> transparent and open

It is very important to us that our corporate culture is transparent and reflects our strategic objectives in such a way that they are easily understood. This allows us to ensure that the company provides added value in the long term and to create a strong bond of trust with our employees, customers and partners.