At a glance

At a glance

"Our customers and patients worldwide are our top priority. We offer quality, delivery reliability and value creation throughout the entire life cycle. This means: Excellence beyond Manufacturing."

Leading in Europe and worldwide under the top 10 platform CDMOs

In Europe and worldwide, Aenova is one of the leading contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMO). The range of services covers the entire value chain of development and production of all common dosage forms (solid, semi-solid and liquid, sterile and non-sterile; high potency and low dosage) and product groups in drugs and food supplements for human and animal health.

Aenova offers its customers full service, ranging from product development to the purchase of raw materials, production and analytics, market release to packaging and logistics. Aenova develops, produces and packages at a total of 14 sites in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Romania and the USA.

Aenova serves its customers, which include leading international pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, veterinary health and dietary supplement companies. Around 4,000 employees contribute to the success of the Aenova Group. The headquarter located in Starnberg near Munich (Germany).

Aenova - All technologies

A portfolio matching the customer needs

The Aenova portfolio offers a one-stop store experience for the development, the production and packaging of common dosage forms

Semisolids & Liquids
Softgel Capsules
All key solid dosage forms and technologies
  • Tablets, hard capsules, effervescent tablets, granules, etc.
  • Up to OEB 5, high potent APIs, anti-infectives, different release variants
  • Packaging
Sterile & non-sterile technologies

  • Liquid-, powder-, lyophilized vials, prefilled syringes, ampoules, powder on suspensions
  • Creams, ointments, solutions
  • Cytotoxic injectables
  • Beta lactams
  • Fill & finish of biologics
Almost all sizes incl. vegan soft caps VegaGels®

  • Focus on nutraceuticals & OTC
  • Specialized site for pharmaceutical products
  • Incl. high potent APIs softgel capsules and narcotics

With our Development & Technology Services unit we provide cross-divisional support to the business units in the areas of Drug Product Development, Analytical Development, Clinical Trial Supply Management, Regulatory Support, and Tech Transfer.

Reasons why customers are choosing Aenova

  1. One-stop-shop and speed to market
    Development services, tech transfer and commercial production from one hand across the dosage form spectrum and therapeutic areas
  2. Competitive prices
    Competitive prices, supported by the lean manufacturing approach and the Aenova Manufacturing System ("AMS")
  3. Industry Consolidator
    Ability to contribute to a customer's effort to consolidate the supplier base through the platform offering
  4. Experience and quality
    Excellent reputation, long-time experience and impeccable quality
  5. Reliable partnership
    Reliable, long-term CDMO partner with strong track record in delivery reliability