Softgel capsules mass Cornu Aenova
Location Cornu, Romania Competence Center and one-stop shop for Soft gelatin capsules and VegaGels® BU Softgel Capsules

The Aenova site in Cornu, Romania, produces and packages softgel capsules and vegan soft capsules.

Aenova is one of the world's largest manufacturers of softgel capsules and is innovative in the development of vegan soft capsules, the so-called VegaGels®.

The new generation of Aenova VegaGels® are plant-based and a pioneering further development of their current technology. The new VegaGels® are heat and temperature resistant and very stable. This significantly reduces stickiness and cross-linking reactions during prolonged storage. The new VegaGels® are characterized by their flexible and soft texture and availability in many different variations in sizes, shapes and colors.

Vegetable-based soft capsule technologies are suitable for special religious food requirements, such as kosher or halal. VegaGels® are free from genetically modified organisms, animal materials, gluten and preservatives.

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Production Overview

The Production PlantThe Production Plant

  • Size of the site: 9,200 m²
  • Production: 4,000 m²
  • Analytics: 460 m²
  • Warehouse: 3,200 m²
  • FTE: 320
  • Shifts: 21/7

Manufacturing ServicesManufacturing Services

  • Production of Softgelcapsules
    • Bovine gelatin
    • Pig gelatin
    • Fish gelatin
    • VegaGels®
  • Fill material
    • Oils
    • Suspensions
  • OEB 1-3
  • Quality services

Development ServicesDevelopment Services

  • Analytical services
  • Stability testing
  • Food formulation development

Packaging ServicesPackaging Services

  • Blister (with and without serialization)
  • Bottles

Certifications & ApprovalsCertifications & Approvals

  • Manufacturing licenses
    • EU GMP
  • Non EU-GMP certificates
    • EAEU GMP
    • US FDA OTC
    • US FDA Dietary supplements
    • TGA (Australia)
    • Health Canada
  • ISO certificates
    • ISO9001
    • ISO13485
    • ISO14001
  • Food standards
    • BRC
    • FOS
    • MSC
    • RSPO
    • Kosher
    • Halal

Product TypesProduct Types

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • OTC
  • Food supplements
  • Medical devices ISO 13485/2016