"We Are the Brand Behind the Brand"

Every person in Europe uses an Aenova product once each week – and they don't even know it! We are proud of the fact that, through our products and Services, we make a decisive contribution to the quality of life and health of millions of people.

Dear Visitors,
The medicines and dietary supplements that we manufacture are branded or originator products, are generic products or are sold under private labels as prescription-free compounds.
Despite being one of the largest business-to-business service providers in the world, we rarely stand in the spotlight. And indeed this is not our goal. We are proud that so many well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers trust in our expertise and take advantage of our comprehensive and sophisticated services.
What is behind the success of the Aenova Group? This question can essentially be answered with the keywords experience, quality, efficiency, flexibility, and innovation. Our capacity for innovation is the result of significant investment in developing products and processes, together with the ability to respond flexibly and quickly to changing requirements from customers and markets. Our highly qualified staff are setting new standards in the industry and, at the same time, increasing our competitiveness.
Our products and services create significant added value for our customers. Our objective as a CDMO is to be successful, both for our customers and together with our customers.
For motivated and well-trained specialist and managerial staff, Aenova represents an attractive and future-oriented employer. We do not simply lead the competition for markets and customers, but also when it comes to the finest minds in the industry.

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Aenova Group






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