Research and Development

In addition to contract manufacturing, we also offer a full range of services in the field of research and development, from conception and product development, with the corresponding analytics and testing, right up to registration and approval.

We provide R&D services for pharmaceutical products as well as for dietary supplements containing standard active ingredients and drug substances such as hormones, cytostatics, antibiotics, narcotics, highly potent compounds and orphan drugs.

Product development starts in dedicated centers with associated cGMP pilot plants3 and ends with transfer to our production sites.

3 cGMP = Current Good Manufacturing Practice – US directive for assuring the quality of the production processes and environment when manufacturing pharmaceuticals and active ingredients.

Dosage forms


Process Technologies

State-of-the-art and innovative manufacturing procedures in consistently cGMP-compliant pilot and production plants guarantee the desired physico-chemical and bio-pharmaceutical product profiles.


Experience and Expertise

Aenova's R&D service providers form a customer and quality oriented team with strong scientific skills, expertise, experience, and a long track record in the pharmaceutical industry.


Licensing Opportunities

Aenova has extensive and long-standing experience in licensing pharmaceutical products, medical devices, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. This applies not just to Germany and the EU, but also globally.


Dietary Supplements

Aenova has many years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality dietary supplements. Here too, we provide a full development and production service.