Quality on All Levels

Our business is based on maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our employees have recognized that quality is an essential element of our business processes. As such they play a crucial role in our customers' perception of us being a reliable and competitive partner.

Reliable quality assurance in all areas and at all levels is a determining part of our corporate strategy. The Aenova quality guidelines regulate the implementation in daily operations.

We do not simply limit ourselves to compliance with regulatory requirements, but strive for the best possible process quality in all fields of activity within our company.

This culture of quality results in a very low failure rate for our processes and products. And a low error rate also means competitive production costs – a clear benefit for our customers.

Commitment to Quality

Aenova places great importance on a culture of quality that is firmly anchored in our day-to-day work. All of our employees are committed to fulfilling the high quality standards defined across the Group.


Quality is a System

We are a service provider and it is very important to us that our customers feel they are in good hands and value our performance. At all times we strive to provide outstanding quality and unbeatable service. We achieve this through our sustainable quality management, implemented by our highly professional and qualified employees.


Quality Does Not Come by Accident

Our Quality Policy