"360 Degree Service and One Stop Shop-CDMO", interview with Aenova CEO Jan Kengelbach, from: CHEManager 02/2021 (in german language)

As a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization in the pharmaceutical sector, Aenova plays a central role in the production and development of innovative drugs. In an interview with CHEManager, Aenova CEO Jan Kengelbach presents the company's orientation as an end-to-end CDMO and reports on the "largest investment program in Aenova's history".

Kengelbach: "Aenova, as a leading contract manufacturer for numerous large pharmaceutical companies, must always ensure the supply of patients worldwide with sometimes vital medicines. The challenges of the pandemic in times of globalized commodity flows and supply chains are that, on the one hand, the active ingredients can either only be procured in Asia or - if they are produced in Europe - the precursors are often of Asian origin. In addition, in the highly regulated pharmaceutical market, only one source of raw materials is approved in many marketing authorizations, which further exacerbates the situation. However, our global procurement has so far coped very well with this stress test and ensured supply very well with proactive risk management and permanent communication with all stakeholders.

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„360-Grad-Service und “One Stop Shop”-CDMO“, from: CHEManager 02/2021

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„360-Grad-Service und “One Stop Shop”-CDMO“, CHEManager 02/2021