New Aenova White Paper: Softgel Capsules. A solution for poorly soluble and low bioavailability APIs

Starnberg, 28/06/2024

Low aqueous drug solubility in pharmaceutical development is a recurring issue. The softgel capsule offers many possibilities in the development of new drugs, especially when it comes to solubility and bioavailability enhancement. In the current white paper, experts from Aenova explain the challenges of softgel capsules in development and commercial production, particularly considering the complexity of softgel production technology, as well as the suitability of the softgel capsule as an appropriate dosage form for certain areas of application.

Explore the transformative potential of softgel capsule technology with the new Aenova white paper.

This white paper delves into the intricacies of developing and producing softgel capsules, highlighting the advantages they provide in drug formulation, including improved stability, patient-friendly administration, and precise dosing.

With insights from Aenova’s decades of expertise, learn how an experienced CDMO can be a valuable partner in unlocking alternative forms of drug delivery and driving the success of your pharmaceutical products.

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