Joint Audit Initiative Annual Meeting 2023

Starnberg, 24/11/2023

This year, the annual meeting of the JAV (Joint Audit Initiative) was held in Iserlohn, North Rhein-Westphalia, from 24 to 25 October 2023.

The "Joint Audit Initiative - JAV" is an organization, with the purpose to provide the partners with audit reports on supplier qualification. A few years ago, some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Germany made the decision to perform joint supplier audits. Also the Aenova Group is member of the joint initiative.

Different companies from pharmaceutical environment, no matter if partners or competitors, big players, or smaller companies, are participating with mutual respect and understanding in a cooperative and expert-wise auditing collaboration. This activity is reducing time, personnel effort, and budget for both: auditors and supplier of materials.

All these companies are united through a common GMP practice and development. Each company brings in the auditing process their local auditors which are locally certified under own policies following the same principles of the QMS (Quality Management System). On the top of that, JAV itself underlines a set of rules to be followed internally by its members so the actual implementation of this joint initiative is guided in a centralized way.

The JAV Annual General Meeting brings all member companies together once a year to discuss current topics and promote mutual exchange. The Aenova Group was represented by Mirela Pop, Corporate Quality Manager.

At Aenova, membership of the Joint Audit Initiative also stands for high quality standards, commitment to customer excellence and outstanding supplier management.A different member company hosts the annual meeting each year. In 2019, the annual meeting took place at the headquarters of the Aenova Group in Starnberg near Munich.

Good interactions, successful collaboration and innovative solutions - that is what characterises these meetings, as well as other successful audits.

JAV 2023
Aenova ambassador Mirela Pop, Corporate Quality Manager, at JAV 2023.