Roel de Nobel new Head of Business Unit Solids at Aenova

Starnberg, 23/03/2023

As of February 01, 2023, Roel de Nobel is the new Senior Vice President of the Business Unit Solids at the pharmaceutical company Aenova. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), he will play a key role in shaping the future and success of Aenova Group's seven solids sites, reporting directly to CEO Jan Kengelbach in his role.

Since February 01, 2023, Roel de Nobel has joined the Aenova Group as the new Senior Vice President of the Business Unit Solids and General Manager. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), he will lead and significantly develop Aenova's total of seven solids sites. "I am delighted to be part of Aenova's success story now," comments de Nobel on joining Aenova. "Aenova’s expertise, capabilities and capacities in solid oral dosage forms is impressive. Together with my colleagues, we will do our best every day for our customers and thus for the supply of medicines to patients worldwide."

De Nobel has extensive experience in the international consumer goods and pharmaceutical sectors and brings with him many years of expertise in the CDMO environment. He previously held various senior positions at Catalent, including Global Vice President Operations and Vice President & General Manager Asia Pacific. De Nobel studied Business Administration and Management.

The Business Unit Solids at Aenova provides not only high-volume production capacities for capsules, tablets and film-coated tablets, but also supports customers with innovative technologies focused on complex therapeutic systems or aimed, for example, at improving the bioavailability of the API. This means e.g. hot melt extrusion or co-precipitation, encapsulated mini tablet systems or multi-unit pellet systems (MUPS). These innovations also include projects in the field of highly potent drugs, particularly in oncology, in order to offer patients a simplified and less burdensome form of therapy.

With his extensive expertise, Roel de Nobel will place a special focus on the further development of Development Services and Clinical Trial Management (CTM). "In this way, we can offer our customers a particularly comprehensive service, as Aenova can provide almost freely scalable experience and competent support, from development, i.e. very small batches, up to high-volume commercial production, this all from a single source", explains de Nobel.

"We are delighted to welcome Roel de Nobel to our team. Roel is a very experienced manager in the pharmaceutical industry and will expand the solid dosage form development within Aenova," comments CEO Jan Kengelbach. "Roel de Nobel will enrich our team with his drive, his ability to innovate and last but not least with his personality."