Aenova´s Innovation Approach: Interview with CEO Jan Kengelbach in US Life Sciences Report 2022

Starnberg, 20/05/2022

In the latest edition of Global Business Reports' renowned US Life Sciences 2022 Report, Aenova outlines its technology and innovation strategy.

In the interview, Aenova CEO Jan Kengelbach explains the focus on leading edge technologies and the importance of deep strategic partnerships with customers:

"(...) Recently, Aenova has focused on bringing in new, differentiating technologies. None of these are new to humankind, but for many it is the first time they are offered on a CDMO platform of our size. Many are related to enhanced bioavailability of the drugs. We have several projects in our high potency area, particularly in oncology, where we take injectable drugs and try to convert them into solids by applying innovative technology and drug formulation concepts. We also offer sophisticated over-encapsulations, in which we can put an immediate and sustained release tablet in a capsule to design the therapeutic effect of different molecules. Aenova has also built a dry powder inhaler platform and can make micro-dosed filling comprised of tiny quantities of the API down to the microgram. As the second largest softgel capsule player worldwide, we see increased demand for microcapsules, softgel capsules the size of the head of a needle. These are only few examples of innovative technologies Aenova can offer its clients.

With these technologies, the company has gained access to a new set of customers willing to co-invest in these projects with us. The problem with many large-scale providers is they do primarily older lifecycle products, but we are clearly committed to bringing newer lifecycle products to life. (...)"

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