National Future Day in Kirchberg SG

Kirchberg, 16/11/2023

This year's National Future Day took place in Switzerland on November 9. 12 girls and boys left the classroom and immersed themselves in the world of work at our Kirchberg SG site for a day. A change of scene that turned into a big "working day" for our young guests.

The schoolchildren were given many insights into a wide variety of professions at our Kirchberg site: in the laboratory, the workshop, production, the high-bay warehouse and the offices. Under expert guidance, they were able to carry out their own color experiments in the laboratory, "cook" gelatine in the large production kitchen and process it with rubber gloves, weld little men and name tags in the workshop and climb onto a large forklift truck in the high-bay warehouse - all this and much more was offered to the children on Future Day.

Around 2,500 companies, organizations, vocational schools and universities gave interested schoolchildren an insight into gender-atypical fields of work on Future Day 2023. This allows girls and boys to look at their professional future without rigid gender stereotypes.

The Aenova site in Kirchberg is a competence center for the development and production of soft gelatine capsules.

Nationaler Zukunftstag Kirchberg 2023
Pupils learn about professions regardless of gender on National Future Day