Best pharmacist trainee in Lower Saxony completed her training at Aenova site in Gronau

Gronau, 14/11/2022

The best trainees in Lower Saxony were honored last week at the GOP Varieté Theater in Hanover: 110 young professionals completed their vocational training at IHK member companies this year with the grade "very good" and were recognized as the best in their training profession.

This includes a young trainee who completed her training at the Aenova site in Gronau. She was honored as the best pharmacist of the year.

Our young colleague not only performed excellently, but also completed her training in 2.5 years instead of the usual 3.5 years. She will be working in the laboratory at the site in the future. Congratulations on this first-class result!

At Aenova we attach great importance to the training of the younger generation and this task is very important to us.

We train in the following professions at our sites:

  • Pharmacist
  • Chemical laboratory technician
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Industrial clerk
  • Machine and plant operator
  • IT specialist for system integration

We take our responsibility for providing qualified vocational training for our junior staff very seriously.

This top performance is also the result of the great commitment of the training company and the vocational school and illustrates the high quality of dual training.

Aenova Gronau IHK Ceremony
Best pharmacist trainee in Lower Saxony together with the training officer at the Aenova site in Gronau