Aenova invests in additional production capacity for semi-solids and non-sterile liquids at their Carugate site

Carugate, 12/10/2023

Aenova is enhancing the existing infrastructure in four areas at its Carugate site (Italy), covering both pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. With an investment of around 10 million Euros, Aenova will be able to significantly increase its production capacity to meet increased market demand.

Semi-solids for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics, as well as non-sterile liquids, continue to experience increasing demand. To meet these growing market needs, Aenova, a world leading Contract Development & Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO), is installing more modern and efficient equipment at its Carugate site (Italy). The investment of around 10 million Euros will enable four major projects to be implemented: A new filling line for non-sterile liquids, a more efficient turbo-emulsifier, a more complex filling line for cosmetics and a larger warehouse.

Aenova's Carugate site, with 145 employees, has been producing and packaging semi-solids for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics, as well as non-sterile liquids, since 1994. The new filling line for non-sterile liquids will increase capacity to more than 10 million units per year. The versatile line also enables the filling of bottles with variable dosages from 10 ml to 350 ml and different types of closures (screw or crimp of metal and plastic cap, spray, dropper).

The new turbo-emulsifier means that the facility can now manufacture batch sizes ranging from 300 litres to 5,000 litres. In addition to the increase in production, it will also be possible to produce other types of products, such as flammable liquids, as the area is ATEX rated.

In the cosmetics sector, the current filling line will be replaced by a new modern high-speed line that can fill a wider variety of tubes of special sizes and shapes, including those with cannulas.

The newly built warehouse next to the plant increases capacity by almost 3,000 pallet spaces, providing more than sufficient in-house GMP storage to meet the growing demand.

"With the implementation of these four projects, we will effectively have a completely new plant with more modern and more efficient equipment by the end of 2023. This will not only enhance our capabilities, but also our position within the marketplace as a "Centre of Excellence for semi-solid and non-sterile liquid manufacturing", explains Marco Falzolgher, Managing Director of the Aenova site in Carugate. "Not only will we be able to better respond to market needs and customer requests, but we will also be able to expand our service offering to reliably provide products to patients and consumers around the world."

"Within the overall investments of the Aenova Group, the capacity expansions for semi-solids and non-sterile liquids in Carugate are an important strategic building block. In line with our motto "Excellence beyond manufacturing", we want to be a reliable and agile partner for our customers in key market segments," comments Roel de Nobel, Chief Operations Officer of Aenova Group.

The capacity expansions are expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Additional customer orders can be produced from 2024.