Enabling innovation: challenges and strategies in solid dosage forms drug development services (lecture at World Pharma Summit 2023)

Starnberg, 05/05/2023

In his lecture at the World Pharma Summit 2023 on April 26, 2023 in Frankfurt, Dr. Klaus Pollinger, Head of Manufacturing Science & Technology, BU Solids at Aenova, addressed challenges and strategies in current drug development.

The agenda included an overview on current challenges and their backgrounds as well as the formulation of poorly soluble drugs and a case study.

First, the speaker gave an overview of the current situation in research and development and, in particular, outlined the expectations that are placed on a development service provider today. Regarding the formulation of poorly soluble drugs, Klaus Pollinger explained trends and classifications and presented selected technologies. He concluded his presentation with case study on successful improvement of bioavailability in solid oral dosage forms.

In summary, Klaus Pollinger emphasized how important development service providers can be in driving innovation in pharmaceutical development. By offering comprehensive know-how and an end-to-end service, customers ultimately benefit from cost and risk minimization as well as optimized timelines.

Aenova supports drug projects with long and deep experience in development services through to commercial manufacturing, investments in expanded capabilities, new technologies and end-to-end services.

Lecture Aenova WPS 2023
Aenova lecture on challenges in current drug development at the World Pharma Summit 2023