Aenova wins 'Highest Innovative Strength' award

Starnberg, 05/04/2024

Aenova has achieved the best result in the generics sector in a study on the innovative strength of German companies, making it the number one company in Germany. The study was conducted by the renowned German newspaper Die WELT in cooperation with the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue.

In the online survey, more than 200,000 managers were asked about the innovative strength of 2,350 German companies from various sectors. The survey focused on the company- or market-related innovative strength of the strategies and concepts of the companies assessed, as well as the impetus that the respective company gives to the market. Aenova was awarded "Highest Innovative Strength" in the pharmaceuticals/generics sector, taking first place in Germany ahead of large, well-known competitors in the generics market.

Aenova's strategy is increasingly focused on innovation, for example in the development of special technologies and development offerings for generics as well as for patent-protected drugs. Even in the generics sector, drugs that are no longer protected by patents can be innovatively developed further, for example to improve patient convenience with a modified dosage form. One example is the reformulation of a tablet into an orodispersible tablet (ODT), which simply dissolves in the mouth - a growth market that is becoming increasingly important in view of the aging population. At the same time, Aenova continues to invest heavily in highly efficient and semi-automated production capacity for high-volume generics in order to reliably meet the demands of the market.

However, Aenova is also expanding its range of differentiated technologies beyond the generics portfolio. In the area of special technologies for new drugs, the company is focusing on the expansion of innovative platforms for improving the bioavailability of active ingredients (e.g. hot melt extrusion, spray drying, softgel capsules), micro-dosed capsules, fill & finish of injectable drugs, high potency drugs, particularly in the field of oncology, and blockbuster products.

With its broad range of services, Aenova offers its customers the added value of end-to-end services from development to commercial production for all common dosage forms and thus plays a key role in the global supply of medicines.

"The award for "Highest Innovative Strength" honors our strategy of sophisticated development services and innovative special technologies combined with outstanding production capacities. Our goal is to provide our customers, and thus patients worldwide, with their medicines reliably and in the highest quality," explains Jan Kengelbach, CEO of Aenova. "This applies to both high-volume generics and originator products, such as diabetes and cancer medicines. Aenova is characterized by a broad, innovative product range that can respond flexibly to increased market demand.

Here you can find out more about the overall results of the study and the study design (in German) https://servicevalue.de/rankings/generika-10/

Siegel Höchste Innovationskraft
Among German pharmaceutical/generics companies, Aenova was recognized as having the highest innovative strength.