Crypto codes: special serialization for the Russian market


When it comes to serialization of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, crypto codes are a special requirement for the Russian market.

Since July 1, 2020, every drug offered for sale on the Russian market must be serialized using crypto-code. Strict requirements apply to the print quality of the code.

Complete traceability and protection against counterfeiting of the products produced by means of serialization is mandatory. The basic prerequisite for counterfeit-proofing of a product is the unique assignment of a serial number in conjunction with individual production data (product identification GTIN/NTIN/PPN, expiry date, and batch number) in the form of a data matrix code.

This is used to mark the folding boxes of the respective medicines or food supplements. Aenova offers a secure solution.

Learn more in the following article (in German language) in "Pharma+Food".

Proper ink enables secure serialization of the special crypto codes
Pharmaceutical packaging for the Russian market must be serialized with crypto-code. Foto: BOWA