8th Annual High Potent Medicines Conference Milan

Milan, 24-25/05/2023

8th Annual MarketsandMarkets High Potent Medicines Conference in Milan 2023

Looking and the current market scenario, many companies are outsourcing the manufacture of their highly potent compounds for various reasons, mainly marketing. The escalation in the High Potent drug market is subjected to a variety of aspects such as the diversification of pharmaceutical manufacturers towards precision medicines such as HPAPI, increasing demand for oncology drugs & antibody-drug conjugates, and advancements in HPAPI manufacturing technologies.

We are pleased to be represented at the conference with a professional presentation.

Containment and Handling

Efficient handling of high-potent APIs - a CDMO perspective,
Dr. Martina Breuer, Head of Operations, Aenova Group

  • HPAPIs are significantly growing in today’s drug therapy and R&D pipelines.
  • Today’s pharmaceutical development and manufacturing see a strong trend in outsourcing to service providers being experts in their field.
  • To master the challenges in flexibility and efficiency CDMOs must implement a holistic concept to HPAPI handling.

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