Fill & Finish of Biologics

As a premier solution partner for sterile dosage forms, Aenova can apply its extensive capabilities in liquid vials, pre-filled syringes and lyophilization to the downstream operations of your biologic compounds and vaccines.

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Bio safety levels:
1 and 2

Product Features


  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Insulin
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Vaccine types:
    • mRNA, DNA, viral vectors, protein sub-units, virus-like particles
    • Inactivated vaccines upon request

Dosage forms

  • Liquid vials
  • Lyophilized vials
  • Prefilled syringes

Product types

  • Rx


  • Bulk compounding and filling
  • Packaging
  • Serialization and aggregation
  • Clinical trial services


  • Blister packaging
  • Folding boxes
  • Specific configurations