1. I would love to work abroad. What prospects can Aenova offer me?

The Aenova Group operates 27 sites in nine European countries, Asia and the USA. This means that our employees have great prospects when it comes to working abroad. In addition, travel abroad is part of daily working life in many roles. You can also apply for jobs abroad directly via our applications portal.

2. From which disciplines are applicants especially sought after?

We are mainly looking for pharmacists, other scientists, laboratory technicians, engineers, and technicians. Apart from that, mechanics and manufacturing personnel have a good chance of success.

3. Does Aenova offer employees further training opportunities?

Yes, we strongly support our employees with professional training and regularly hold seminars, coaching sessions, and networking events to help improve their professional and social skills and to encourage communication and exchange within our network.

4. What are the main criteria in the selection process?

In addition to your qualifications, relevant professional experience, and knowledge of foreign languages (for many jobs English is a prerequisite) your personality is also very important.

5. Where can I find out about vacancies?

You can search by field of activity, site, or keyword in our career portal.

6. Is it possible to find out about the company beforehand at events?

Yes, it is a great opportunity to get a first impression of our company. Our events area provides information on upcoming Aenova events.