Contract Packaging

Packaging, labeling, and distribution – the Group provides cost-effective and efficient solutions for all main dosage forms. Our services cover primary packaging, such as blisters and jars, secondary packaging, including trays, and tertiary packaging.

We develop packaging solutions that combine competence, efficiency, and variety and comply with the highest GMP standards and the International Food Standards (IFS). We support you with stand-alone packaging services as well as stability tests and analytical support, for example.

Our packaging services at a glance


  • Folding boxes in different sizes
  • Leaflets and package inserts
  • Adding of handouts and brochures
  • Counter-top displays and associated displays and trays


  • Wide range of labeling solutions
  • Vignettes
  • "Bollini" labels/stickers

Printing and codification

  • Printing of barcodes, graphics, and logos
  • French Coding (e.g. data matrix code)
  • Serialization

Manual work

  • Handling of small batches
  • Trial batches and test series
  • Re-packaging

Clinical trial batch packaging

  • Packaging of small batches for clinical trials

Transport/tertiary packaging

  • Packaging pattern
  • Palleting

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